Science Council

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The Problem

The science council had an old database feeding their WordPress website to provide the scientific community with contact information from scientists all over the UK. They also had Salesforce which stored a similar set of data.

Keeping both sets of data in sync was challenging and a very manual process.

Previous consultancy partners had failed to deliver on expectations and some requirements were over engineered and confusing to users.

Science Council also had limits on the number of Salesforce API calls that could be made. The solution had to support this limitation.

The Solution

NetStronghold was employed to implement a solution to the public to search their registry data from Salesforce on their website without impacting Salesforce API. We built a WordPress plugin and custom Salesforce interface to allow for querying Salesforce data without impacting the Salesforce APIs.

Registry Search

Take a look at the new Salesforce driven Registry Search on the Science Council Website.

See the Search in action